Diabetic Eye Affects

Diabetic Affects

Diabetic population is at higher risk of developing blindness, getting a stroke, suffering of myocardial infarction, developing kidney disease. We may not be able to visualise microvasculer changes in other organs but very easily can see whatever is happening inside the eye and thereby can have indirect fore sight for other organ changes as well as vision threatening eye changes.

Diabetics are at higher risk of complications; most common being diabetic retinopathy, early cataract and open angle glaucoma.

All diabetics must have their eye examined regularly with dilated pupils. Juvenile diabetics are advised to get eye examined yearly after the age of 12 years. Older diabetic people needs check-up once at the time of diagnosis and then at least once in a year there after.

If diabetic retinopathy has been diagnosed, they should have the eye examined as often as recommended by their eye doctor.

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