Facts About Cataract (FAQ)

Cataract Facts & Questions

  • Cataract is cloudiness (opacity) of natural crystalline lens inside the eye.
  • Surgery is the only proven treatment with lens implantation to replace the hazy natural lens.
  • Present methods for surgery are fairly safe under standard set up.
  • Seasonal preferences for surgery do not matter, however proper hygiene is important to be maintained in all conditions and seasons.
  • PHACOEMULSIFICATION is small incision surgery, requires only near 2 mm,self-sealing incision. A computer controlled “PHACO” machine with tiny ultrasonic probe is used to remove the cataract. Foldable lens is implanted which unfolds inside the space of natural opaque lens. Most of the time no injection is required to numb the eye (Topical Drop anaesthesia)
  • Commonly asked Questions: Do i need glasses after surgery? Yes, with monofocal IOL’s, you will need glasses for near and distance. With multifocal IOL, you will be able to do most of the work without glasses however for finer work and vision you may still require some optical correction.
  • Expectations after surgery: Vision gain depends on other conditions of eye as well. Cataract related vision gain is certainly very good with present technological advances.
  • Complication rate in cataract surgery is quiet less, may be less than 1% in most of the centers, however any procedure has inherent risk of complication in best of best centers and in the best of best hands, depending on patient factors, surgeon factors and technical factors. Utmost care and diligence is observed by most doctors to tackle any untoward situations by modifying technique or additional surgery or therapy in the best interest of the patient.