Glaucoma Knowledge Sheet


  • Glaucoma is disease of the eye, mostly due to rise of pressure inside the eye due to varied causes, leading to damage to OPTIC NERVE and retinal nerve fibres. Without proper treatment, glaucoma can lead to blindness.
  • Ophthalmic faternity is conscious of dire consequences of this eye condition and time to time awareness programs are under -taken to emphasise role of screening and proper compliance of glaucoma medications.

Risk Factors

  • People with high intra-ocular pressure have a higher risk of developing optic nerve damage.
  • Other important risk factors include advancing age ,severe myopia, family history of glaucoma, presence of diabetes, past injury to the eye, surgery, history of severe anaemia and shock.
  • These factors are weighed while evaluating patient in detail, deciding there by weather patient needs treatment or observation only.

Suggested Screening

  • People with high intra –ocular pressure; need a baseline glaucoma work up including pressure check up, central corneal thickness, gonioscopy, fundus examination, OCT and perimetry.
  • People over forty years with no previous glaucoma, at least once every two years, especially whenever there is a change of reading glasses, still more emphasised if frequent change of refraction is there.
  • Family history of glaucoma, again call for screening from young age.
  • People with high minus or plus numbered glasses needs yearly check-up.
  • Patients with risk factors mentioned above need to be aware and to be screened time to time.